June 2014 Photo Challenge: Vehicles

It's another month and therefore another attempt at stretching P.J's monthly theme thanks to a complete lack of preparedness on my part. So, this month's theme is Vehicles. Here's what we have: 1. Rail crossing in St-Jean-sur-Richelieu - notice the complete absence of vehicles. (yes, there's the roof of a car peeking out there on … Continue reading June 2014 Photo Challenge: Vehicles

Heavy – 30 Days of Photos Day 11

I went hiking in Vermont 2 weeks ago and whenever I do, I always wonder what mountains weigh, because they look like they'd be quite heavy. Ok, full disclosure: I never wonder that. It was just an excuse to include a hiking pic: This is part of 30 Days of Being Lost in the Fog … Continue reading Heavy – 30 Days of Photos Day 11

Goodbye Winter! This Time For Real!

Whew! Well we're back to normal after yesterday's cauliflower party. Changing our theme back to normal was like changing into comfortable clothes after wearing an ill-fitting clown suit for 24 hours. So here's a quick post, to welcome Spring (finally) and say goodbye to Winter until next year. I figured I'd post a few pics … Continue reading Goodbye Winter! This Time For Real!

Fun At The Border

Has THIS ever happened to you? You pull up to the American border, minding your own business, when BAM...strip search! Maybe it didn't happen quite like that. Maybe my responses to some of the border guard's rapid-fire questions were a little snide. All I know is that after I told him that the car I … Continue reading Fun At The Border