June 2014 Photo Challenge: Vehicles

It’s another month and therefore another attempt at stretching P.J’s monthly theme thanks to a complete lack of preparedness on my part. So, this month’s theme is Vehicles. Here’s what we have:

1. Rail crossing in St-Jean-sur-Richelieu – notice the complete absence of vehicles. (yes, there’s the roof of a car peeking out there on the left). Still. let’s dedicate this photo to trains and cars and other vehicles that converge at this spot.


2. The Sofa – Here’s a photo of a sofa, which is the perfect vehicle for taking naps on.

3. Eglise Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts – Houses of worship are vehicles for all kinds of things. Name your thing:

4. Lawn Mower – This guy will be spending his summer mowing, mowing, mowing.

5. Whiskers – Cats are vehicles for all kinds of parasites, right? Well, maybe. This might have been a stretch.

I am now so late for work, so go. Go see who else linked up.

20 thoughts on “June 2014 Photo Challenge: Vehicles

  1. Love it…especially the vehicle for napping. That shot of the cat’s whiskers is very creative…even though you think it’s a stretch! 🙂


  2. Great photos and I love how you worked the cats in there. Is that gorgeous cat on the sofa yours? I’m thankful I don’t have that much grass to mow, or pay for someone to mow it.


    1. Thanks Linda. Nope, that cat has been visiting me for years. You may recognize her from other photos I’ve posted here before. She’s just in her extreme furball phase 😉


  3. Wonderfully original take on theme. Gotta wonder where you were to get the bird’s eye view of the guy on the mower…in a tree? Sky-diving? Maybe on a roadside pullout? I hope, for his sake, the guy’s not allergic to grass.


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