May Photo Challenge: Fun

This is my latest submission ever to P.J.’s monthly photo challenge, but hopefully the linky thing hasn’t expired and I can still squeeze in my 5 for the month.

This month’s theme is “Fun”, and I was hard pressed to find fun photos since I barely took out my camera at all this month. In fact, I think I made the same excuse last month.

So, before I let this beautifully sunny day get away from me completely, here are my 5:

1. Tomato Plants – If you think harvesting tomatoes is fun, you’d be wrong. Unless you like squirrels. Good luck everyone!


2. Fun with light – Just experimenting with dead flowers lit with light from a Japanese paper covered lamp


3. Not Copyright Infringement At All – I was at a flea market with my Dad and spotted this not fake at all “Happy Birds”. I mean, come on, at least try! The birds are even still angry! (Unless I don’t know what I’m talking about and this actually IS part of the Angry Birds franchise). Still, I found it funny. It brings me back to the time when I was a kid and I begged my parents for a Superman action figure and instead I ended up with some cheap knock off like Mediocre Man or something. Yeah, getting laughed off the playground is no joke. Kids are cruel.


4. The Easel – Paint is fun, right? Here’s an artist’s easel.


5. Life is Hard – This guy’s having a blast. I know I would be too if I were him.


There. Done. Now go see who else participated this month.

5 thoughts on “May Photo Challenge: Fun

  1. As always… your photos are pretty damn incredible. The paint one looked like something had burned… that picture really stands out to me… very well done! Also, I’m a dog person (my cat thinks otherwise)… so the dog on the bench was a favorite for sure!


  2. I love tomatoes and so do the bugs! Nice photo. Ah, yes, the dog. Why sleep on the concrete when there is a bench?


  3. That easel detail is cool. I love the dog sleeping on the bench. The dead flower experiment works well too. The lamp looks like fire.


  4. I’m going to agree with Mike. I love the textures of the easel.

    I’ve taken to growing my tomatoes in the upside down containers. Makes it much more difficult for squirrels to reach them. Haven’t had a problem in the two years I’ve been using them and another benefit is you don’t get tomato worms either.


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