The Post I Nearly Forgot About

In my last post of the 30M2 DoW challenge, I completely forgot to tell you all to come back here today so you could watch the traditional picking of the names video. Sigh. Well, while operating heavy machinery may be out of the question, hopefully some of you have sobered up enough to use a … Continue reading The Post I Nearly Forgot About


Relationships are a funny thing, he thought to himself. When they'd first started dating, they couldn't get enough of each other. The need for physical contact was a constant presence; he would find himself searching out her hand as they walked or shifting his legs when they sat so that they mingled with hers. It seemed to him that her … Continue reading Evolution

For The Win

It took me a minute to realize my cell phone was ringing. I was enthusiastically crunching the results of some market research I’d been working on, turning them into pretty pie charts and listening to the story they tell about the great big world out there. And it is a fascinating story, full of twists … Continue reading For The Win

The Interrogation

How long had it been? He had tried to keep track in the beginning, counting the minutes, the hours, the days. But each time the cell door opened and the sessions began, the very nature of time mutated – minutes indistinguishable from hours, hours indistinguishable from days. Pain drove off coherent thought. The searing, unrelenting … Continue reading The Interrogation


I'm tired. I've been writing for hours; researching, editing, polishing, perfecting. After months of hard work, my literary review of The Collected Literary Reviews of the Times is complete. I assemble the pages to put into my binder. There are a lot of pages; too many to bind all at once. I start the process with a few sheets at … Continue reading Fear

And I Just Realized I Didn’t Even Give It A Title

Have you ever had one of those days that you just know people are never going to believe? I awoke this morning to discover that a meteor had fallen into my front yard. There were swarms of people in hazmat suits walking around it, measuring, poking, scraping. Some of my neighbours had gathered to watch … Continue reading And I Just Realized I Didn’t Even Give It A Title

A Tough Act To Follow

A TOUGH ACT TO FOLLOW ____________________ A Play in Two Minutes by Nicky Eff Cast of Characters Nicky Eff:                 A woman in her mid-40s mid-30s late 20s Jepeto Tee:              A man in his early 40s Scene The living room of a house somewhere in the frozen tundra of Montreal, Quebec. Time A year ago, mid-February, 2013 ACT I … Continue reading A Tough Act To Follow

The Repost – I Tell A Tale Of Tail

Mike at Too Many Mornings was corresponding with Nicky at We Work For Cheese when he acknowledged that he was bored. “Nicky, I’m bored again. Please entertain me,” he wrote. Nicky had an interesting reaction to this request. “What am I, a dancing monkey?” she replied. But then, because Mike is a good friend and … Continue reading The Repost – I Tell A Tale Of Tail

In The Words Of The Bard, Sometimes Lifeth Sucketh

Whereof what's past is prologue, what to come In yours and my discharge. The Tempest, Act 2, Scene I According to Wikipedia, the contemporary definition of the line what's past is prologue is that history influences and sets the context for the present. However at the time, Shakespeare meant that the past had led two men … Continue reading In The Words Of The Bard, Sometimes Lifeth Sucketh

It’s Just Like Where’s Waldo

You may have noticed something different about the challenge this time around. I mean, besides the fact that I'm routinely killing or beating people. Other than that, have you noticed anything different? Anything... missing? Of course, I am referring to my co-blogger CheesyMike. Some of you have been asking me where he is. Well, there … Continue reading It’s Just Like Where’s Waldo