About WWFC


Between 2009 and 2016, We Work For Cheese (WWFC) served as a co-blogging project between two longtime friends with an insatiable hunger for cheese (with the title of the blog itself itself originating from the fact that I would regularly accept cheese as payment for fixing Nicky’s various computers over the years).

Initially conceived as a cheese review blog, WWFC soon matured into a cheesy humour blog, serving as a platform for Nicky’s creative output and quick wit.

Through 6 years of rants, raves and writing challenges, WWFC became very much a part of the larger blogging community of the time.  Nicky really did love to engage with people using unequal parts empathy, humor, wit and sarcasm, evidence of which can all be found within these posts and comments.

When Nicky passed away in the spring of 2016, we knew that WWFC couldn’t possibly continue without her. And so, because her voice lives on within WWFC‘s posts and comments, the blog too will live on as her legacy. We miss her dearly.

CheesyMike – 06/2018


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