May Photo Challenge: Fun

This is my latest submission ever to P.J.'s monthly photo challenge, but hopefully the linky thing hasn't expired and I can still squeeze in my 5 for the month. This month's theme is "Fun", and I was hard pressed to find fun photos since I barely took out my camera at all this month. In … Continue reading May Photo Challenge: Fun

July Photo Challenge: Signs

At the parking lot near my office. Bumping your head on this sign might also be a sign that you are really, really tall. It's the sign of the spider. Whatever that means. Here's a clear sign that something has gotten into your tomato plant. I blame the squirrel. AGAIN. So yeah. I'm watching you, … Continue reading July Photo Challenge: Signs

It Looks Like We’ve Changed Themes (again)

I don't know what to make of it yet. It does feel pretty speedy and it is customizable. Our previous theme was also a magazine style theme but this one makes use of featured images and a carousel to cycle through recent posts. I like that aspect except it stretches out the images to make … Continue reading It Looks Like We’ve Changed Themes (again)