Photo Challenge: One

I don't know where the last month went, but it went, and it went by fast! As the month of March came to a snow covered end, I also realized that I hadn't taken a single photo with P.J.'s March Photo Challenge in mind. Well, maybe I did, subconsciously, so I'll just shut up about … Continue reading Photo Challenge: One

Shut Up Already, I’m Here!

Ok ok! I'm here y'all, so just quit yer dang hollerin' already! My brother Winter's outta town so now I gotta make myself up all pretty like for you no good complainers. And I heard y'all complainin' I did. All through my beauty sleep all I hear is "where's Spring? Why is it still Winter? … Continue reading Shut Up Already, I’m Here!

15 Random Thoughts

1) My girlfriend is starting to move a little when we have sex…I even heard a little “humph” I think. You know what that means? Yeah baby, it means it’s almost spring!!!! Fuck that pawtuckett racoon or critter or whatever it is who predicts the weather! 2) Another sign that spring is coming: I had … Continue reading 15 Random Thoughts

Springtime In November

Yes, Spring has arrived and no, I do not live in Australia. The last 5 days have been warm. Ridiculously warm. 20 degrees (70 if you're American), sun, gloveless, bootless, snowless and leafless. Yes, leafless, since it's NOVEMBER. And even though I've already bitched about the coming of fall, I must complain about the weather … Continue reading Springtime In November