A Hint Of A Challenge

My friend Jayne has thrown down a challenge: Write a story (beginning, middle and end) that hints at a larger story, but is complete within itself, in 25 words or less.¬†Because I can never resist a challenge,¬†I decided to give it a shot. Because I'm slightly crazy, I came up with two submissions. I hope … Continue reading A Hint Of A Challenge

It’s Not Easy Being Cheesy Either

A while back, my friend June wrote about how pharmacists scare her, because of everything they know about their clients. I jokingly left a comment to the effect that my pharmacist would know I am a very healthy succubus who is draining the life and vitality from the men I live with. And we laughed … Continue reading It’s Not Easy Being Cheesy Either

It’s More Than Just The Headbashing

What is it about zombies? Why are so many people fascinated by them? A Stanford University literary researcher studied the question for her doctoral thesis. Yes. Her doctoral thesis. Subsequently, she will attempt to disprove the stereotype that academics are nerds. According to Angela Becerra Vidergar, the fascination with the zombie apocalypse can be traced … Continue reading It’s More Than Just The Headbashing

Professional Help

So, how can I help you? Well. Where to start? My name is Nicky. I'm the mother of three boys, a marketing manager, and a blogger. Oh, and I love cheese and shoes, not necessarily in that order. Quite an interesting background. So what can I do for you? People are worried about me. Oh? … Continue reading Professional Help

A Million Little Cheeses

Welcome to 30 Days of Writing, a 30 day creative writing challenge that is guaranteed to drive you to drink. Today's prompt is "cheese". On that note, I give you: A Million Little Cheeses Over the years, many people have asked me why I did it. They are all ultimately disappointed by the truth. It … Continue reading A Million Little Cheeses