Photo Challenge: One

I don’t know where the last month went, but it went, and it went by fast! As the month of March came to a snow covered end, I also realized that I hadn’t taken a single photo with P.J.’s March Photo Challenge in mind. Well, maybe I did, subconsciously, so I’ll just shut up about it already and post some photos. This month’s theme: One

1. One day, Spring will come.  These tulips were lucky enough to be planted in front of a dryer vent. They want Spring too, and they want it bad:

2. One more day in the snow: Some people actually like the snow. Like this person:

3. One freaky strawberry. What else can you say about this?

4. One more ski day. I magically timed a day off with a day after Smugglers Notch received 20 inches of snow. Yes. 20 inches.:

5. Here’s one thing you can do if you have a room full of random metal parts and springs: Build a pig:

And that’s it! We’ve come to the end of another month. Now head on over to P.J.’s to see who else linked up.

15 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: One

  1. Sorry that spring is taking so long to arrive in your part of the world. It’s just as tardy here in Alberta and like you, I’m doing my best to find the bright side of snow. I really like the tenacity demonstrated by those tulips – maybe if we all act like spring has actually arrived it’ll finally cooperate and show up!


  2. The cat in the snow does not look too pleased at all that winter has stayed around as long as it has in your neck of the woods.

    Nice interpretation of the theme this month.


  3. What neat pictures you have… they are all so unique. You live in a beautiful area! What a beautiful fluffeh kitteh… and kitteh likes the snow?? So funny! These are so artistic and fun to look at. The shadows in the pig picture really make it!


  4. Love your take on the theme this month! The random metal parts pig made me giggle. And that is certainly one freaky strawberry!


  5. I’d love to have a coat as thick as that cat’s fur. Definitely not a Florida cat. Love the metal pig. Great shots! That’s quite the view from Smugglers Notch.


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