Naked People, Foursomes And A Cat

Have you ever been to California? I hear some of you saying no. I hear some of you saying yes. Yes, I can hear blog people. It’s a gift. I also hear some of you telling me to get to the freaking point, already.

Well the point, if you could all untwist your knickers for a moment, is that I was in California last week.  We visited San Fransisco, Alameda and even survived a couple of forays into Oakland.

oakland train station, mother, grandmother, child, train platform, waiting for a train, california, san fransisco
Here I am with Linda and Max at the train station in Oakland, California, smiling happily because nobody has shot/stabbed/mugged/accosted/attacked/robbed us yet. Plus, we’re wearing really cute shoes.

I can hear you again, you know. I hear you saying, “That’s really swell, Nicky. But where are the naked people?! We saw ‘Naked People’ in the title and naked people is what we want!”

First off, let me say that I retract that statement about your knickers being in a twist. It is apparent to me now that you are not wearing knickers. Also, what a bunch of pervs! Sheesh.

So, back to California. Linda and Alex took us all over San Fransisco (and by all over, I mean Macy’s and Neiman Marcus because does anything else really matter?). One of the places we visited was the Castro district of San Fransisco, where nudity is completely legal. It didn’t take long for us to spot some “all-over-tans” and, being the dedicated blogger that I am, I whipped it out – my camera, you pervs! – and took a picture.

Afterwards, we stopped in Harvey’s (named after Harvey Milk) and had the most bestest Margaritas ever.

tequila, lime, harvey milk cafe
Hmmmmm, so nummy we had to have seconds.

Speaking of most bestest, do you know what’s better than naked people and Margaritas?  What do you mean “Nothing!”? I can hear you, remember?

Sigh. Honestly, I’m starting to worry about you people.

The most bestest thing about being in California was having the opportunity to meet some of my bestest blog buddies. Jayne, of In Jayne’s World, and Margaret, of Nanny Goats In Panties, drove from their corners of California for a little blogging foursome.

redhead, blonds, brunette, garden party, bloggers
Max took this picture of us. I think I should have asked him to take all my pictures for the photo challenge I participated in last April. He’s obviously got more talent than I do. Mind you, he did have some pretty awesome subjects to work with.

I do have to admit, though, that there were a couple of… unpleasant… aspects to California. While we were over at Chrissy field enjoying the view of the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz, this hideously evil creature came over and tried to peck our eyes out.

blackbird, chrissy field, alcatraz, parking lot, california
As scary as this monstrous beast was, I guess I should just count my blessings that the peckers in the Castro district left us alone.

But of course, this was nothing compared to the shock and horror I felt when Linda, Max and I went strolling through Linda’s lovely Alameda neighbourhood and ran smack dab into a cat that bears an eerie resemblance to my co-blogger Mike’s cat, Dobson.

evil cat, white and caramel cat, cat in front of a house, stairs, alameda, california
Dobson’s double or alien cat invasion?

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go make some aluminum foil hats.


49 thoughts on “Naked People, Foursomes And A Cat

  1. I LOVE that first picture of the three of you.  I still think you guys had too much fun ~


    1. Thanks Tami! We did have too much fun – I’ve been home for 3 days and have spent them moping around, trying to figure out how I can squeeze California and Quebec closer together!


  2. OMG!  This is magnificent!  (Wait!  I stole Max’s line!)  I’m glad you didn’t mention the “tiff” that I had with Alex when I spilled coke on him on the roller coaster hills of San Francisco and you and I couldn’t stop laughing.  Nor did you bring up us getting locked in the hot car with the windows rolled up, no power and the alarm blaring while we sat there unable to get out of the car until I called Alex to ask him how to turn the damn thing off!  Nor did you mention us giggling hysterically as I made you drive to the ferry while I was having a complete nervous breakdown and could not give you directions for snorting and suffering from total amnesia and I choked out “Just keep driving” while I tried to dial my husband to ask him where we were going!  Both of us were laughing like loons and we broke numerous road laws but in the end, after a mad sprint in high heel shoes, we got to the boat!  I’m so glad you left out the nasty details that were much more traumatic than the nekkid guys.


    1. I would never mention any of those things, they are strictly between the two of us! Remember, what happens in California, stays in California. D’accord? 😉


    2.  I can sympathize with you being in the car with the alarm going off.  That happened to me in Philly.  Hubby left me in the car to pay the meter or something and locked the door from the outside.  I opened the door and the alarm went off.  I appreciate car alarms, but sometimes they are a little tricky and embarrassing.


      1. It was the first time I drove Alex’s car and I didn’t know you have to turn the steering wheel while turning the key in the ignition. The alarm went off, the doors locked and the windows wouldn’t open! It was HYSTERICAL!! 🙂


      2. That’s interesting.  I guess it kind of makes sense because if you’re stealing a car and don’t know what to do, you’ve just set off the alarm. I’ve not heard of anything like that before.  What kind of car is it?


  3. I would have done anything to be there….but reading your post almost makes me feel like I was there. Hearing all the stories of you and Linda laughing made me grin ear to ear! You are a gorgeous group of women for sure. Oh, and you are my IDOL, having driven on California roads….WOW! I was so happy reading about your adventures!!!


    1. Katherine, we spent so much time laughing… I can’t remember ever laughing so much! I did drive a couple of times, but only around Alameda. I wasn’t at all worried, I had the best co-pilot ever sitting right beside me… mind you, she was in hysterics most of the time! 🙂


  4. I think the neighoborhoods in San Fran are so fun.  I rented a condo a couple of years ago and spent 3 weeks just hanging around.  Super fun and interesting.  I HOWEVER did not hike up and down the hills of SF in heels.  You to are sick and twisted.  (as far as footwear goes)

    Love the pictures.  The picture of the 4 of you is awesome. Max did a wonderful job at getting a great shot.

    I suspect that Dodson probably has a lot of doppelgangers as all cats do but it is funny that you would see one while on vacation…staring at you.


    1. San Fransisco is such a gorgeous city and there is SO much to see! LOL, and here I thought I was being so sensible wearing my 3-inch wedge-heeled shoes!

      Max loves the camera and taking pictures… besides that picture of the four of us, he took some great shots of our butts, the sidewalk, the sky…

      Maybe all cats have doppelgangers, but I swear this one was staring at me funny and speaking quietly into a weird little communication device… 🙂


  5. I love that the naked guy is across the street from a tanning salon. He sure showed them. And when I say showed, I mean “all”. What a great time you must have had. Good for you!


  6. Well, I’m not sure I would have thought getting stuck in a hot car was fun, but sign me up for the Margaritas!     I’m just glad I got a couple of days with you crazy gals.   


    1. It was one of those “laugh or cry” moments and luckily, we went with laughter! And the next time you’re in SF, try the Margaritas at Harvey’s. Absolutely delish!


  7. Well, now I know where Dobson ends up when he crawls under the fence. I did not know there was a transcontinental portal in my backyard. Interesting…


    1. And the funniest thing was that I was just telling Linda the story about you taking the picture of that cat on a porch when what do I see on this porch but Space Dobson. Dude, I’d sleep with one eye open if I were you…


    2. Actually it must be that tesseract mentioned in the book  A Wrinkle in Time. animals can do that ? Gosh, I am so envious, why can’t they  talk!


  8. Nicky this is one terrific post, I laughed ( you sure do know how to express your wit), I got embarrassed ( and laughed at caption with the ‘peckers’ in Castro with the bird, naughty girl) and I imagined how wonderful it is to meet blogging friends!  Wonderful!


  9. Nicky, it was the best. We sure miss you guys. Harry and Zoe are searching the house for you and Max….very sad sight indeed…


  10. I had some of the best cocktails of my life in San Francisco – and I never even got to Harvey’s!  Oh well, next time.  And I never saw any naked people either!  Again, next time …


    1. Well, the next time you’re in SF, pinklea, head on over to the Castro district, check out the naked people, then stroll on down the street to Harvey’s. I promise, you won’t regret it!


  11. What a cool photo diary. I can’t decide which picture is my favorite. Can you make a collage? What an amazing group shot – a moment to forever cherish – the glass, lime, salt and margarita. No, really, the other foursome.


  12. Hey Nicky! Indigo here, led astray over here to the land of Choose by those twin minxes Jayne and Linda. I like it, may I pop back sometime? Why, thank you. See? Both ways. 

    *finishes a magnificent origami foil hat*
    For you, ma’am. The orbital mind control lasers are worse around lunchtime. Alcohol helps. 



    1. Welcome Indigo – no need to introduce yourself, I already know who you are (my spies are everywhere… mwahahahahaha! Um, yes, I saw Jayne and Linda’s links to you on Facebook…)

      I admit, I have read quite a few of your posts, but have yet to leave a comment. I am a little intimidated by your flare with origami foil hats. 🙂


  13. LOVED this post! I’m getting that pic of the four of you printed and keeping it. It’s going to worth money some day…you know, when one of you joins the naked crew who drop trou in public places! And yes, you are my French speaking friend. I was reading your emails to my husband as we were on the trip from hell with my kids on the weekend, and he was shocked at how much I knew about you. I was like, “Of course I know this, she’s my friend.” ~cue Wayne changing the subject and saying, “Oh look! I think that’s a mushroom farm over there~ You ladies all looked gorgeous, it really is a terrific picture and keepsake.


    1. “..when one of you joins the naked crew who drop trou in public places!”
      You mean Margaret, right? ‘Cause you just know she’ll be the one to do it.

      Yay, I was really hoping I was the gorgeous and brilliant French speaking friend you were talking about. That was how you described me, wasn’t it?


  14. Dobson follows you! Awesome!

    Sounds like this trip was excellent. But I can’t imagine walking around a city in heels as you guys apparently did? Well, I can’t imagine wearing heels at all. But walking around especially. Oh cripes. Nevermind.


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