Dobson’s Big Day

Man, what a week it’s been and it’s only Tuesday!

Here at WWFC, one of the biggest challenges we face is keeping up with our overflowing mailbag. You wouldn’t believe it! Of course we get requests to review (and eat) all kinds of crazy cheeses and post delicious recipes, but oddly enough the majority of the letters are just people typing in all caps: PLEASE POST MORE PICTURES OF YOUR CAT!!

Now I know that this is supposed to be a cheese blog and all, but Dobson certainly is getting popular so I’ll see what I can do! haha.

So let’s get started! I think it was MikeWJ who specifically requested that I post some adorable photos with some hilarious captions underneath, so let’s do that!

Check it out. Dobson’s first day outside on his own. It was the best time ever:

Dobson outside

Sniffing a pine tree:

Dobson eats a pine
Now THIS is the best!

But wait. What does Dobson smell?

Dobson's curious
What’s Dobson up to? Let’s zoom in…

Enhance! OMG…it’s the Eye of Sauron cat!

Eye Of Sauron cat
The Eye Of Sauron might be all seeing and all knowing but all Dobson really wants is to smell his pee.

Yeah! Cats!



34 thoughts on “Dobson’s Big Day

  1. I love this!  Your captions really capture Dobson’s enthusiasm and short attention span.  Dobson has no cause to fear the Eye of Sauron because he has long since lost the One Ring somewhere in the snow.


      1. Don’t be afraid, Mike. Set Dobson free. If he loves you, he’ll return. Which means he won’t return, because cats don’t love anybody or anything. And that will teach you an important lesson about love: It stinks, especially where cats are concerned.


  2. That cat is very cold.  Dobson doesn’t like snow.  I hope you took him right back in after his photo shoot.  We took our cat Smokey up to the snow when he was very young.  I learned two important things on that trip.  Cats do not like to travel.  Cats do not like snow.  I also learned that my husband could lose a black cat in the snow.  Not a confidence building exercise.

    Does Dobson like cheese?  Maybe you could show him reviewing / tasting some of your favorites.  Do you have a “bring your pet to work day”?  Maybe you could put that in the suggestion box.  Do you spend time talking to Dobson every day?  Does he vocalize a lot?  My poor old Smokey is about 20 now and he sings Chinese opera about 5 AM every day.  I think he’s getting a little senile. 

    I’m so glad I got to see all those great photos and captions involving Dobson and even that Oracle cat.  I hope you do cat posts from now on.  I really really really really love cats!  I know everyone else does too.


    1. These are some great questions and some very good suggestions. I’m going to ask Nicky (no, tell Nicky) that we should take some pictures of Dobson in an apron and a monocle while sampling cheese and red cat wine.
      I’ll bet your Smokey prefers the warmth but Dobson was born in the fall and spent part of his first winter running through snowy fields chasing farm dogs. He was happy to get out but probably a little homesick, too.


      1.  I have never heard of a snow cat before.  But I’m sure Dobson is a great one.  You could build him a little igloo right out in the garden for those times he gets stuck outside while you are at work.  

        Smoke likes warmth.  He loves to sunbathe.  But then, he’s a California guy.  He also loves cheese and red cat wine.  When you come to visit me, bring Dobson.  He and Smoke will have a wonderful time lying in the sun and looking at the fish pond in the yard.  We will give them red cat wine and lots and lots of cheese.  I like fat cats myself.


  3. After clicking over to MikeWJs link, I hesitate to even say how cute Dobson is. Now that I know that as a cat owner I am….well at least  according to Mike WJ

    “Cat owners are more annoying than the parents of newborn babies. But they shouldn’t be, because their cats aren’t any more special than the 7 billion wrinkled pouches of puke and piss that populate the planet.”

    While I am not entirely clear if he means babies or cats are pouches of puke and piss, as I tend to be big fans of both babies and cats, I guess it makes no difference.    Dobson doesn’t look like a pouch of anything but cuteness.  (I am using the word cuteness not only because it is entirely accurate but also in hopes that MikeWJ reads your comments and my fondness of cats makes him grimace…better yet nauseous.

    Love the pics.  Dobson is very photogenic. 


    1. Oh, it doesn’t matter what that MikeWJ thinks about cats or the human population. Here at We Work For Cat…I mean We Work For Cheese, you can express your adoration for any animal and we wouldn’t think any less of you. 

      People who don’t like cats are either allergic or they’re holding a grudge because of that time they got snubbed trying to pet one.


      1. Oh, Cheryl, your ridiculous and misplaced fondess for cats and babies doesn’t make me grimace. I was born with a grimace, and have to force myself to smile. But all this cat adoration does make me nauseous. Look out, kitties, here comes dinner!


  4. Dobson is a beauty. 

    My cat (Sukie,) went out in the snow, wandered down the side of the garden under the shelter of the hedge, around the back and then wanted to come in.  She looked at the expanse of deep snow and froze (not literally) It took her quite a while to find her way back the way she’d come. under the safety of the hedge. The snow was at least 12 inches deep at the time. She didn’t go out in it again.


    1. It amazes me how resilient they are. When we keep them indoors we forget that they really are outdoor creatures and just want to explore, even if it means that they’ll get themselves into trouble sooner or later.


      1. *Blush!!* Well, how’s that for high praise!

        Ok, it looks like I can’t keep ignoring Mike’s obsession in the hopes that it will go away on its own. I may have to take matters into my own hands! Dammit, there will be NO MORE CATS on this blog!!


  5. Cats!  You gotta love ’em.  Our three are unique, adoring and adorable.  And then there’s that whole butt-sniffing thing.  Dobson really is cute…more pics.  Oh, and you can throw in some cheese, too.  😉


  6. Dobson is such a cutie.   I think he must be on the same ancestral tree as my Mason who, by the way, has acquired the taste for freshly killed mice & gophers.   Wait till Dobson bring you his first little “gift.”   


    1. Wow, Mason is awesome. Looks like he has a serious playground and lot of great places to sharpen his claws on.

      You know, there’s a part of me that looks forward to the “gifts”. I think I’ll feel more pride than disgust 🙂


  7. I asked you — no, I begged you — not to post more photos of cats on your blog. The Internet is being overrun by felines, and they’re sucking up bandwidth that could be used for high-quality porn or barbed critiques of idiots like Rick Santorum. Don’t you see what you’re doing.

    The Eye of Sauron picture is kinda awesome, though.


    1. Thanks, though I wish I could have centered the eye a tiny bit more.

      It’s all good. There’s plenty of bandwidth to go around and the demand for cats also drives the demand for storage space. Cats are actually great for the economy in that respect. Santorum isn’t, although I can’t help but think of him everytime Dobson has diarrhea.


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